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Hi guys! My name is Joanne, and I’m from Hong Kong. A lot of you might think Hong Kong’s Chinese makes our English fluency low, but actually a lot of us uses English as first language, mostly those who attend international schools. Cus english is first language there. And for non-international schools? It’s a must to learn english. You are grinded on grammar.

Me and Katharine McGee, author of The Thousandth Floor!

I obviously manage this book blog, and I also manage a few fan accounts on Twitter, though I’m most active on the one for Sarah J. Maas :)

My obsession with books actually stopped for a few years because I fell in love with K-Pop, but yea. My dad and I found “Reawakened” by Colleen Houck in B&N in NY, and so I got back into Book Lagoon.

Might as well as tell you, when I was younger, because of all the nonfictional Nat Geo almanacs and Geronimo Stilton, I had a fear of reading Thick/pictureless books, and I just didn’t know how to activate my imagination, so I didn’t read any YA when in middle school. I actually only started in July 2015.

Therefore, don’t mind me if I post old books. 🙏🙏

I MET SASHA ALSBERG 11PM AFTER VIDCON @ ANAHEIM <3<3<3 The glorious Zenith ARC in my hands TTATT

10 Fun Facts about me:

  1. I’m SEVENTEEN!! My birthday is May 19.
  2. I speak 5 languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, ENGLISH, Japanese, Korean.
  3. I plan to study Business Management in the US/UK, or Hotel in Switzerland.
  4. I have a love for Italian food and Japanese food.
  5. I love Kpop, and am only obsessed with groups under S.M. Entertainment. Fine I make exceptions. But still.
  7. I also love anime, and my range of genre is quite extraordinary.
    1. Code Geass, Sora no Otoshimono, Freezing, Sailor Moon, xxxHOLiC, Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE…….
    2. I am an admin and top editor on the Aikatsu! Wiki and Aikatsu Stars! Wiki.
  8. My top favourite places: London, Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Maldives, Egypt. Anywhere scenic. And that explains fact #9.
  9. I have an obsession with clouds, universe, and geology.
  10. Below are a list of books/series that I am in love with in no particular order.
    1. Throne of Glass Series
    2. Reawakened Series
    3. The Thousandth Floor Series
    4. Tigers Series
    5. The Androma Saga
    6. A Court of Thorns and Roses Series
    7. Fallen Series
    8. Ruby Red Trilogy
    9. The Royals
    10. The Illuminae Files

So yea. The basics. Lame isn’t it?

Why I’m proud of this pic: my gorgeous hair and the fact that this is taken in Hakone, Japan.

Gonna tell you where I came up with my new blog name. I was making my own skull for Suicide Squad, and I came up with LunaLumiere. Luna as in duo meaning short for lunatic (cus I love Harley Quinn and she’s crazy) and moon (cus I love Sailor Moon), and I love the word Lumiere that means light. Book blog names tend to relate to “book” or that sorta thing, so I used the Latin word of book, “Liber”, and coincidentally it’s alliteration!



Thank you for reading and enjoy your time on Luna Liber Lumiere :))))

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