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Book Review: Never Fade – Alexandra Bracken

So welcome to a book review in a month. I have been really busy during October, and therefore I have only read…

Two light reads of New Adult Romance novels…
One play for the 20 page directors’ notebook assessment for school…
Two YA novels…
And 8 mangas.



Name: Never Fade
Author: Alexandra Bracken
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Release Date: October 15, 2013


Ruby never asked for the abilities that almost cost her her life. Now she must call upon them on a daily basis, leading dangerous missions to bring down a corrupt government and breaking into the minds of her enemies. Other kids in the Children’s League call Ruby “Leader”, but she knows what she really is: a monster.

When Ruby is entrusted with an explosive secret, she must embark on her most dangerous mission yet: leaving the Children’s League behind. Crucial information about the disease that killed most of America’s children—and turned Ruby and the others who lived into feared and hated outcasts—has survived every attempt to destroy it. But the truth is only saved in one place: a flashdrive in the hands of Liam Stewart, the boy Ruby once believed was her future—and who now wouldn’t recognize her.

As Ruby sets out across a desperate, lawless country to find Liam—and answers about the catastrophe that has ripped both her life and America apart—she is torn between old friends and the promise she made to serve the League. Ruby will do anything to protect the people she loves. But what if winning the war means losing herself?

Book Cover Comments

Once again with the metallic cover, I think its super cool. I wonder why the choice for an ice blue cover was made, but I do love the touch of the compass on there. Tbh I never realised that it was a compass lmao. I thought it was just an eight-pointed star. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know the secret behind the compass and what its referencing ;)

The Review

So I wouldn’t say The Darkest Minds is one of those hyper-active exciting reads, but there was something in the book that kept me going on and reading more and more, getting even more immersed in the book.

Once again, Never Fade and every other Alex Bracken book is extremely slow. I burned every drop of brain oil in stock everyday in order to finish Never Fade and every other Alex book, and I die for it. But as I hold on to perseverance despite the boring beginning and the annoying middle section, I did find the ending very exciting.

Unfortunately I have to say, the beginning of the book was extremely confusing and slightly way too slow. Ruby starts off with showing us readers her new life in the Children’s League, and tbh I had no idea what was going on with their latest mission. But I did pick up one or two things along the way.

One of their missions was to retrieve a mysterious person, and when I thought it meant Ruby reunites with Liam, instead we are given with someone who looks like Liam. I actually forgot his name so let’s call him Bob. Ok I’m totally ruining this for you with the name “Li”.

Li seeks help from Ruby to retrieve the flash drive mentioned in the synopsis above, lost through some unforeseen circumstances in which you can find out yourself by reading the book. But just know that it ended up being with Liam. Li is actually such a cool character, not only because of his smart brains and strategic planning, but also because Li will be revealing some cool abilities later on in the book.

When we got to the middle chunk where Ruby begins her hunt for Liam in order to retrieve the flash drive, thank God we have the reuniting scenes. Ruby runs into Chubs at one of the locations that she has arrived in, and I can’t help but laugh at the interaction between Chubs and one of Ruby’s partner-in-crimes, I-also-forgot-her-name-so-let’s-call-her Liv. Liv, I have to say, is a very arrogant character with a very rude mouth, but I must say I connect with her deeply on this aspect. Lmao

And as the three of them, along with Ruby’s other partner, a little boy in which we shall call him Yellow because he has the power of the Yellows (Liv is a Blue, btw) visit the next location, meet someone that Ruby does not want to see again at all (hint hint wink wink book 1 wink wink) he gladly gives out a few hints in order to send Ruby along their way, then we get to the good part.


It didn’t start off in a good way, though. Liam and a whole bunch of other kids were in a not so good condition considering the fact that the weather was cold and Liam and the other kids were mistreated. My memory of what happened here started to get blurry, but some sad events happen here.

When Liam’s body memory doesn’t match with what he remembers because of what Ruby did to him at the end of Book 1 (light spoilers!), Liam begins to struggle between the differences that he is feeling. He knows that he wants to throw himself at Ruby, but he doesn’t understand why. AND THE FEELING THAT SCARES HIM IS GIVING ME THE ABSOLUTE HEART FLUTTERS. LIKE SEEING LIAM AND RUBY REUNITE IS THE NUMBER ONE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED IN THIS BOOK.

But Alex Bracken continues to surprise us, because she won’t just let a happy ending land without having some more tough times. Ruby needs to face the circumstances of leaving Liam behind, as well as what she did to protect them in her way possible. The tension between Ruby and Liam was high till the very end, and I just can’t help but swoon over this bittersweet relationship.

OK at this moment I’m looking at my Darkest Minds review, and wondering how did I come up with so much shit to write about.

And at the ending, a very tragic event happens, but no spoilers everyone. The last part of the book got so exciting, it made me want to read more and more instead of the reluctant pace to continue reading during the beginning of the book. Somewhere around what happened near the ending, there was this really memorable quote but I don’t remember what it is. Also I’m typing this up at school and I don’t have my book, so I can’t check it. I’ll edit it in when I get back home from school and tutor. All I can tell you is


The revelations that kicked off at the end was one of the best parts of the book as well. I mean, who doesn’t love revelations? And to expand on that a little bit more, we get to know the secrets that some people are trying to hide, possibly why, and what lurks behind those secrets. This also highly ties back in to the character we do not want to see again from book 1. The lock that secures the secret to why and how the children have the disease, and if there is a possible cure to it, is currently being picked open. With that much base information given in Never Fade, I’m sure In The Afterlight will be an exciting ride. But it’ll start off slow.


Imagine riding an extreme rollercoaster. Going uphill and just going on flat tracks and finding yourself going uphill again is basically the book’s pace, and that is the longest span of the ride. Then when you reach the peak, you suddenly drop, go through some loops and boomerangs, and within seconds the ride is over. And that describes the exciting part of Alex’s books, how you just can’t get enough of it, but it all slips away too soon.

I wrote this in my previous review: The shattering ending and the darkening dystopian world of The Darkest Minds, and how each character is a pillar of light that can shine brightly on their own makes me anticipate the sequel when I get to read it.

I think I actually predicted things quite well. And the literal meaning of that matches the general concept of what this series is looking for. I’m saying this because while attempting to look for that quote I mentioned above, I stumbled across something even more amazing. I’ll keep my mouth shut until the last book’s book review, but all I will say is: THE BOOK TITLES.

As the journey of The Darkest Minds continue in order to find their oasis, and to reveal the secrets behind everything to save themselves, they can only move forward, stay together, and Never Fade.

Halloween Fun The SEQUEL

Hi guys!

I’m terribly busy with school work and am actually dying, so my brain has stopped me from reading at all and I just can’t read. But I can’t leave you guys hanging, so I’m making a sequel to something I did last year.

Check out the one from last year here: HALLOWEEEEEN FUN

Image result for club penguin pumpkin

So last year I did a Throne of Glass Stew.


Throne Of Glass Halloween Stew Recipe

You will need:

  • 100 Red Roses from the Spring Court
    • Blessed by Tamlin. Not that you want that. I do though.
    • Antibacterial, antioxidant, moisturizing, toning. Perfect for skin improvement.
  • 30 Litres of Sea Water from the Summer Court
    • Blessed by Tarquin.
    • High amount of sodium chloride. Great for sustaining hydration levels.
  • 500g of Leaves from the Autumn Court
    • Blessed by Beron. Do you want that though?
    • Tons of benefits from whatever leaves you picked up. Think about the possibilities!
  • 1kg of Fresh Snow from the Winter Court
    • Blessed by Kallias. He’s hot right?
    • Basically whatever benefits of water can be found in here. Make sure you deliver the snow early. When it turns into water, it loses the snow effect. It’ll be normal water.
  • 1 jar of special sunlight from the Day Court
    • Blessed by Helion the hoe
    • Please use the sunlight holding jar that can be made from I-have-no-idea to take in the sunlight. Its great in vitamin D.
  • 10 Flowers with Healing Qualities from the Dawn Court
    • Blessed by Thesan.
    • Well it says it all. Healing qualities. An example would be the one Feyre gave to Rhys.
  • 2kg of Mountain Rock from the Night Court
    • Blessed by Rhys.
    • Mountain rock contains rich amount of minerals from a ton of different sources. Beneficial for a lot of stuff. You could just grind it and then make it into a body scrub. Might give you a few scratches though.
  • Whatever bones left from Under the Mountain
    • Amarantha’s darling collection gives a good flavor to your stew.
  • One or two lacey things from that store in Velaris
    • Just for decorations purposes. Makes the stew look better.
  • Some siphons. As many as you could steal.
    • Power effects. Gives the stew a better and stronger flavor. And an Illyrian flavor.
  • Whatever jewels from that stock in the Summer Court Palace.
    • Gives the stew a nice shine.
  • Ashes from the Cottage of the Weaver
    • Cus its precious.
  • Bones from the cell of the Bone Carver
    • Also precious. You might wanna just keep it.

Optional Ingredients:

  • Lock of hair from Tamlin
    • 2% chance of your child being able to shapeshift
  • Lock of hair from Tarquin
    • 1% chance of your child being able to use water
  • Lock of hair from Beron
    • 1% chance of your child being able to use fire
  • Lock of hair from Kallias
    • 1% chance of your child being able to use snow
  • Lock of hair from Helion
    • 1% chance of your child always shining bright like a diamond.
    • Great torch in the dark!
    • Also bears light controlling abilities.
  • Lock of hair from Thesan
    • 1% chacen of your child bearing healing powers.
  • Lock of hair from Rhys.
    • 1% chance of being able to winnow.
  • Illyrian Sweat
    • Get 5 towel’s worth. It’ll help stink up your stew and flavor it.
    • 5% chance of gaining Illyrian wings.
  • Scrapes of dried paint from the table in the Mountain Cabin 
    • Blessed by Feyre.
      • P.S. if you manage to scoop feyrhys, then you get a 10% chance of your child being almighty.
      • P.P.S. you might as well as treasure the scrapes. Its blessed with heavenly bodies.
  • Lock of hair from Nesta.
    • 50% chance of your next child being as angsty as Nesta.
  • Lock of hair from Elain.
    • 10% chance of being psychic.


  1. Prepare some logs. Light it on fire.
  2. Boil your sea water in a huge witch pot.
  3. Dump in your towels and let it soak for an hour before removing.
  4. Add all locks of hair if you have any.
  5. When well mixed, wait for the chemical reaction that causes the stew to release brown smoke.
  6. Mix in dry ingredients one by one into the pot. You MUST wait until one dissolves completely before putting the next. Order does not matter.
  7. Due to the natural ingredients gained from the courts, your pot should have a shit color by now. That is when your stew is ready.
  8. Invite friends.
  9. Serve.
  10. Make sure you have enough toilet bowls or drains ready.


Book Review: Pushing the Limits – Brooke Cumberland

Hell to the no I am head over heels
This book was honestly so good that I finished it in two sittings instead of three

Btw, note that this is a new adult book, recommended for audiences 18 & above (yes I’m 17 but close enough)



Name: Pushing the Limits
Author: Brooke Cumberland
Publisher: BC Books
Release Date: September 16, 2015


From USA Today Bestselling Author comes a new adult student/teacher romance…

He’s my art professor.
I’m his student.
With an electric connection and undeniable chemistry, I know it won’t be long until one of us cracks.

When the opportunity arises to pose naked for the entire art class, I can’t help the thrill of knowing he’ll be watching me.

While they all look past me with their eyes narrowed and concentrated, drawing only the lines and angles of my body, he sees right through me down to my vulnerability.

He sees more than just the physical aspects–he sees me.

That’s when I see the struggle in his features as he tries to stay in control.

How do we keep our distance when everything seems to be pulling us together?
What feels so right can only go wrong if we keep pushing the limits.

Recommended for 18 & above due to explicit sexual content, language, and adult content.
*Pushing the Limits is a 102,000 words standalone.*

Book Cover Comments

One song


The Actual Review

I super super super super love it.

I love this insane brewing romance between the student and the professor. (roll credits!) The relationship was definitely more relatable for me because the age range is lowered compared to the erotic fiction that was my first adult series ever. Which is on my top reads of 2017 of you’re so curious.

Image result for erotic friend fiction
Tina’s collection of Erotic Fan Fiction. I JUST HAD TO!

The relationship took its time to build up, and the entire relationship was fully merged together over a years time. I do enjoy the pacing of it, it kept me wanting to read more and to know what happens next. With new adult and adult fiction, the plot tends to have some sort of serious problem between the two characters and end up having a fight period, which ended up in growls of frustration for me because Aspen and Morgan are absolutely adorable and I just want them kissing each other 24/7-

Onto the steamy scenes, god bless Brooke Cumberland for creating such masterpieces because I totally love it. I basically give in to romance, and when you put in the steam, see you in heaven. Or hell. Or in my grave. I die thanks to the steamy scenes and no one can stop the butterflies from churning in my stomach. Not that it really ever stopped throughout the book. The butterflies just love the air in my stomach.

But despite me going towards this book because I’d do anything for a good romantic read, Brooke really opened a new perspective in these types of books, and that ties into our darling Aspen and Morgan’s personal backgrounds. I would say the steamy scenes are the rewards after the toughness, and that the toughness inside the book really is a good part.

Brooke brings up sensitive issues about depression and neglection in this book, and I really appreciate it and feel whatever our characters are going through because my form of depression is really similar to whoever-in-the-book had depression. I really like how I could connect it on a really personal level, and reading this book just gives me more of that spark of hope to look ahead. And wish for a prince on a white horse like Morgan. I’m still waiting for my Prince Charming :) I adore how Morgan sees Aspen on a different level, how he sees through every single one of her barriers and opens her up, so that the wound might slowly heal, and how Aspen offers the exact same for Morgan, both of them being by each other’s side when they most need it.

Aspen and Morgan each have their own sufferings, events from the past haunting them, and Brooke did her best to use her own words and methods to deliver her way of coping with it. You can never forget the bad things in life that ever happened to you, but what you can do is accept it and move on along with it. All these memories are an important part of your life, and all you need to do, is not evade it, and stop blaming yourself, but embrace everything you have.

I don’t think I really made sense there but I do hope you get it, dear reader of this post. I too am going through some hardships in life, and one actually happened today. So I want to thank you, Brooke, for lightening my night and ending my day with a big bang, and because I’m going through such tough times, the encouraging words from your book really helped me tonight.

So yea, readers. Push the limits! (roll credits) Start reading these beautiful and sweet and sexy and hot and heartbreaking and heartwarming and tear-worthy new adult novels. Pushing the limits was an absolutely beautiful read. Not only the toxic romance between Aspen and Morgan, but also the healing and the sharing.

Book Review: The Dazzling Heights – Katharine McGee

Ok I planned on leaving a chunk for Saturday so I wouldn’t have to sleep insanely late, but its 2am I’m writing up this review right now because this book is too good to forget, and I must have my thoughts fresh.


Name: The Dazzling Heights
Author: Katharine McGee
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: August 29, 2017


All that glitters is not gold.

New York City, 2118. Manhattan is home to a thousand-story supertower, a breathtaking marvel that touches the sky. But amid high-tech luxury and futuristic glamour, five teenagers are keeping dangerous secrets…

Leda is haunted by memories of what happened on the worst night of her life. She’ll do anything to make sure the truth stays hidden—even if it means trusting her enemy.

Watt just wants to put everything behind him…until Leda forces him to start hacking again. Will he do what it takes to be free of her for good?

When Rylin wins a scholarship to an upper-floor school, her life transforms overnight. But being there also means seeing the boy whose heart she broke, and who broke hers in return.

Avery is tormented by her love for the one person in the world she can never have. She’s desperate to be with him…no matter the cost.

And then there’s Calliope, the mysterious, bohemian beauty who arrives in New York determined to cause a stir. And she knows exactly where to begin.

But unbeknownst to them all, someone is watching their every move, someone with revenge in mind. After all, in a world of such dazzling heights, just one wrong step can mean a devastating fall.

Book Cover Comments

Ok I never realised that this book is the “silver”. And after looking at it 500 times, I am absolutely mesmerised. I love how these two towers play a pretty big role in the book, and we actually get to visit these two towers. The meaning behind it is also pretty sick BUT ALSO SADDENING ARTOIJGDFR FEELS

Font is gorgeous as ever, and just that black tower………..
the secrets behind it…………..
its name…………..

The Review

“It means destroying yourself for the one you love.”

Ok no I’m absolutely dead in fact I can’t even wait to do a BookTube review on The Dazzling Heights so I can go down the complete spoiler route, but I have two Video reviews overdue DX

“I dreamed that I lost you.”

There’s one clear proof to why I know I am so addicted to this book: during the two sittings that I finished this book over, I ignored the percentage I set myself to read per night, and just kept flipping the pages till I felt like stopping. That was today basically. I got past 66%, and then i was like “ok this is not enough I need more” and then i was like “ok guess what I’ll just finish the book 2am is nothing for me”——

She just hoped their love was enough to keep them safe.

Can I just say that The Dazzling Heights is even worse than The Thousandth Floor? How everything is deeply entwined together and all the secrets, lies, relationships, everything? The web woven from the previous book is now filled with even more intricate detail and sophistication.

There was nowhere they could go that was safe.. Maybe love wasn’t enough after all. Not when every last obstacle was arrayed against you… When the entire world was keeping you apart.

The amount of suspense Katharine put into this book is unbearable, especially during the story arc at the end. The Dazzling Height’s ending actually matches The Thousandth Floor in terms of the general concept, mirroring roles (OMG MIRRORING ROLES MIRROR-CEPTION soz I’m dying here I know you can tell) and the final chapter’s results? But I like how it ended despite knowing what’s to come. That kept the suspense the entire time, making me wonder exactly who will die. (This was explained in Katharine’s “The Dazzling Heights Secrets” Vid)

“Live. With or without, here in New York or on the damned moon, I don’t care. Just live, and be happy, since I can’t. Promise me that.”

And then the god damn brewing romance. Some of you might know by now, but I have a very soft spot for romance. Not only did Katharine hit the right spot, she sent butterflies down my stomach into my belly, and basically ripped my heart out. IT WAS THAT BAD PEOPLE. I WAS NOT READY FOR ALL THE RELATIONSHIP EMOTIONAL TURMOIL AND BEAUTY LIKE HOLY HELL (I had six pink tabs for some sweet scenes I deemed worthy of tabbing)

“It’s killing her.”

During my review of The Thousandth Floor, because I saw it more as a drama book rather than the sci-fi, let’s spend this paragraph talking about the sci-fi aspects of it, since its a major chunk in the book as well!
There are so many cool things that Katharine came up with, from this cool form of transportation in a small distance, to how other cities around the world function, as well as a lot of new cool technology that I won’t spoil you, cus I just want you to first hand experience it. I remember while reading the book, at one point I basically went :O
The technology introduced from the previous book is, of course still here, and is super super awesome, because we also have a super quantum computer hacking into systems and basically doing all the cool stuff. Yes, super quantum computer is a legend. ALSO THE 360 RECORDING DEVICE

For once, she didn’t really feel like admiring her own reflection.

Ok right now I’m listening to probably the perfect song for this book: Sweet Lies by EXO. Here’s a snippet of the translated lyrics:

Sometimes the truth
Hurts more than lies
We’re scared of getting hurt
We turn away from the truth

I don’t wanna hurt you either
So bitter
This is the only way we can be
No matter what I do
So again I
Do it again because I have no choice

So I tell her sweet lies, sweet lies, sweet lies
The sweetest lie in the world
I tell her sweet lies, sweet lies
If this is what you want, I’ll give it all to you

And the song’s slow and heavy mood is basically the perfect song for a book full of drama. I swear I’m still dying internally right now. I basically told my mom: “OK MOM ABSOLUTE SILENCE BECAUSE KATHARINE’S BOOKS ARE TOO MUCH TO HANDLE”.
So just like last review, I’m going to talk a bit about the individual characters as well, and then I’ll wrap up otherwise this review is getting too long.

And then there was nothing more.

Leda started off crazy. She was basically off the charts. It is because of what happened in book 1 that basically led to her current breakdown, but as she starts to untangle the knots that she and the others have created in her life, what will her path lead down to? And light spoilers, but Leda has a brewing relationship, and despite all oddities of the relationship, I totally ship it. Leda’s path in this book was full of healing and untangling, and I end up just loving her so much.

He might set himself free—or he might destroy life as he knew it.

Watt is firstly, simply a child that needs to learn about the real world and stop relying on super computers. Yes. Secondly, he totally killed me. The first intentions of some of the actions Watt chose to do, and how those developed later, and how friendships were brought together and then a whole super bunch of stuff developed… I love how Katharine adds a tone of humor between Watt and Nadia, and I love how these two partner in crime is basically the bloodhound that sniffs out all the puzzle pieces together. Btw I also love Watt as a character. I love the choices he made.

Gods I’m hungry (TIMESTAMP: 09/23/2017 2:22AM)

Rylin needs to get her crap together and go for the boy in which they broke each other’s heart. These two are like absolute baes that I want to see together again, and of course Katharine needs to add a little bit more drama at the end…. BACK ON THE MAIN TRACK! Super cool how Rylin got sent to a high-class school. Rylin learns something about herself that she never knew, and also a bit of that self realisation and acceptance that the levels of the Tower don’t define who she is. Rylin got super awesome near the end of the book when she and Leda’s relationship started thickening!

How strangely the world worked sometimes, that the two of them were off to find risotto together, forming a bizarre sort of truce under the soft, glittered sky.


Except this was the only way it could be.

Calliope. OH WOW. I did not expect to like her in the end. From the synopsis, you can obviously deduce that Calliope will be the one to stir up some drama. Ok she basically did but that’s only with one perspective, but Calliope’s background is real complicated… that’s when I started falling for her. When Calliope’s time spent in New York began to change the person who she was, when her time spent in New York made her rethink on her past.. a path of realisation.. But hey I still hate her for causing drama #SorryNotSorry

She couldn’t wait to find out what she, as a New Yorker, was really like.

The Dazzling Heights never lets you off the hook on the rollercoaster of self destruction. Until the very last moment…
Until more secrets have been revealed…
Until the spiderweb is more complicated than ever…
Until all that glitters is not gold.

Book Review: Tower of Dawn – Sarah J. Maas


Caution: This Review contains SPOILERS! If you don’t want any spoilers, Click HERE

This is Book 6 of a series, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, please head to my Review page and find Throne of Glass.


Name: Tower of Dawn
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Release Date: September 5, 2017


Chaol Westfall has always defined himself by his unwavering loyalty, his strength, and his position as the Captain of the Guard. But all of that has changed since the glass castle shattered, since his men were slaughtered, since the King of Adarlan spared him from a killing blow, but left his body broken.

His only shot at recovery lies with the legendary healers of the Torre Cesme in Antica–the stronghold of the southern continent’s mighty empire. And with war looming over Dorian and Aelin back home, their survival might lie with Chaol and Nesryn convincing its rulers to ally with them.

But what they discover in Antica will change them both–and be more vital to saving Erilea than they could have imagined.

Book Cover Comments

US Edition

I can’t stop fawning over the blue and gold contrast. We get to see a glimpse of Antica in a sapphire blue environment which is just gorgeous. And yes the god damn owl sigil that means so so so much in the book up to basically near the very very end

UK Edition

Best part of it? THE GOD DAMN WINGS


The Actual Review

Should I be writing 2000 words for this thing like I did with Empire of Storms and Queen of Shadows? Maybe I really should to just keep up the GOD DAMN STANDARD.

He was the Lord of Nothing. Lord of Oath-Breakers. Lord of Liars.

Tower of Dawn is a book with a parallel timeline to Empire of Storms, happening at around the same time but taking place in the Southern Continent instead of the Northern Continent. ToD was a really different book for me, mainly probably because this story focuses on Chaol and Yrene instead of Aelin, so the entire feel was a bit lighter I suppose. Not saying that this book isn’t into some deep shit and tore my heart apart multiple times, but I think whenever we go into Aelin’s story, its just way more devastating.

“It is a reality of who you are- who we are. A choice all healers must make.”

As Sarah quoted in one of her ToD tours:
“Empire of Storms is a story of suffering…
Tower of Dawn is a story of healing.”
Truer words have never been spoken.
And because Tower of Dawn is indeed a story of healing, I have to say that this story doesn’t devastate me like Empire of Storms did. Its just really different, and both books are just absolutely magnificent.

“Know that wherever the road takes you, however dark, you will be alright.”

Sarah’s writing has never disappointed me, and I knew it was correct to stay true to my heart and ignore all the bullshit haters online about how this book that’s about Chaol is going to be absolute shit. Well, I’m here to prove you wrong because that’s not the case at all. It was also a really interesting decision to base Antica on the Mongolians, in which despite being a chicken’s body (China is often described in the shape of a rooster when including the Koreas as the beard) apart, I actually know nothing about the culture of the Mongolians other than the farmer tribes. And for Sarah to channel her grandma’s past into the book, it makes me want to understand more about the world.

Not the gold or red or blue of flame. But white like sunlight, clear and clean.
A flicker through the dark, arcing like lightning riding through the night…

Yes, as a person born in Hong Kong and have been fed Chinese history, I really don’t know enough about the Holocaust to make any judgment, but I want to learn more and understand more about what happened, and I’m happy that Sarah could bring up these types of topics. Not only is it rare to include an event that happened some time ago in history, but also to talk about such sensitive family events was really brave of her.

She had crossed mountains to be here.

There was so much healing going on in this book. Because Chaol’s book was originally meant to be a novella, I believe that the ending ended in a way that would wrap up the story to prepare for the finale, so I actually enjoyed how the ending ended in a more calming and peaceful way, and Chaol had finally untied the last of his knots in his pool of darkness.

But they had walked this far down the road. Together, She had not turned away. From any of it.
And neither would he.

Let’s start with the god damn ships. Now, because of how I read, which is, I always dead set a recurring cast for every single book I read. Let’s say my favorite girl in the entire universe is Beyonce, so whatever book I read, Feyre/Aelin/Clary/heroine will be played by Beyonce. And then let’s say my fav guy in the entire universe is Jay Z, so my main guy Rowan/lover-role is Jay Z. Now where does Chaol fit in? Unfortunately I’m greedy and I have another favorite guy in mind on par with Jay Z. You guessed it! Naruto. (jks its an example) And so I would clone Beyonce by giving her short hair (lets call her Sasha Fierce), so that Sasha Fierce would end up with Naruto. Originally I thought that the ship was going to be Chaol and Nesryn because of what happened in QoS and in the WHSmith’s EoS’s bonus story about Chaol and Nesryn near smut, then Sarah fucks up your mind by switching the tires and heading another direction. Say hello to Chaol x Yrene! I love them. I truly do love them. ITS JUST THAT FUCKING UP MY MIND WASN’T THE BEST IDEA. But reading the smut scene a few times helped.

“Maybe you and I will have to learn how to live- if we survive this war.”

Chaol and Yrene’s relationship is just beyond. I would love to call it on par in a way with Rowaelin. Wait we need a ship name first. Chaolrene? Ok that’s good. Yrene never gave the look of pity to Chaol, and during the process of healing Chaol, she discovers the darkness with him, and slowly finds the method to banish that darkness within, and learns to understand the power of the darkness and the negativity inside one’s self, and is the reason that chains the people who are infected with the Valg disease down.

Here, in the heart of a foreign land… Here, with her, he was home.

Realising the power of healing and light and fire versus the darkness caused by the Valg disease was really interesting. I greatly resonated with it, and I felt a deep connection with it. I personally connect it to the manga series “Freezing”. To sum up, Freezing is about girls who are implanted with parallel-universe-technology to battle insane supernatural monsters called “Novas”. At one point, an even stronger type of Nova came, but the girls had absolutely no way to take it down. The only way was to transcend and accept all parts of one’s self. And while the book didn’t directly talk about this aspect, I kinda perceive it as this way. You co-exist with your darkness. It feeds off of you but it also sustains you. But don’t let it overtake you. And when Yrene also learns to heal herself, to accept and to understand, and then oh lords the chemistry blooms.

“Then get up.”

Chaol has been through absolutely so much. He was shattered by Celaena’s words back in Crown of Midnight. He had walls put up in front of him continuously, in Heir of Fire, in Queen of Shadows. What really held Chaol back was really himself. He didn’t face himself and in a sense, ran away, and gave himself limitations and clipped his own wings, naming himself with negativity. I was really glad to see that in that final part when Chaol healed. I really see that sort of Heir of Fire mirror effect there. Chaol faced every single event that broke him, and understands that no matter how wrong some of his decisions might be, those he hurt have forgiven him and will be always waiting for him. And that in the end, Chaol needs to accept himself and move on with everything that has happened to him. It is all a part of him that makes him Chaol.

His. She was his, and he had never had anything he could call such. Wanted to call such.


Effing royals of Antica. Throughout the book, basically except Sartaq, none of these stupid siblings were predictable at all. All of them had their ups and downs and I wanted to die knowing that I don’t know the motive behind each of the characters. But in the end, each of us just wants to protect what’s most precious to us, and despite not belonging in the ToG world, I am forever grateful for the choices that Hasar and Kashin made.

Wind-seeker, her mother had called her.

Ok Nesryn and Sartaq hello we must not ignore this. Nestaq? Saryn? At first I was heartbroken and frustrated to see Chaol as such a dick and kissing Yrene and basically abandoning Nesryn despite shipping them, but I’m glad to see that Nesryn found her ending as well. I really enjoyed her journey in the mountains and flying with the ruks. I think that I knew from the moment she sang in that cave that she found a place that she belonged. Borte, one of the characters in the mountains, really reminds me of Mor in a way. I believe it was also her who said “welcome home”.

Borte smiled over a shoulder at Nesryn. “Then welcome home.”

(CROSS SERIES REFERENCE HAHAHA JKS) so I was really touched by that. Honestly though, preach Nesryn. She was so brave to step away from the boundaries of Chaol so that she too can possibly find her own wings and have nothing hold her down. And she did. Go female power <3Borte smiled over a shoulder at Nesryn. “Then welcome home.”

“We will go to war, Nesryn Faliq, And when the darkness is at last banished from this world… Then you and I will fly back here. Together.”
She heard the offer, the promise.
The world he laid at her feet.

Now I’m not exactly a crier, but I wanted to see tears coming out of eye sockets when Chaol’s toes wiggled, when Nesryn found Sartaq, when Chaol declared Yrene as his wife and that Yrene belongs to him and he belongs to Yrene. ESPECIALLY when Falkin, our new found shapeshifter heard the beautiful news from Nesryn. That I truly wanted to cry about. Falkin’s last ties to anyone, his niece, and how Lysandra is his last family…

“She is my family. All I have left. And I have looked for her for a very long time.”

Honestly though all these relationships somewhat reminds me of what Bianca Del Rio said in her movie, “Hurricane Bianca”, regarding everyone knowing everyone or everyone related to everyone in some sort of way:combine_images.jpg

Onto the god damn revelations in this book. I’m going to screenshot one of my twitter convos with my buddies @SJMaasOC and @SJMaasTHL.Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 1.25.20 AM.png

Maeve is so far the biggest beef and drama in the millennium of Erilea and the Southern Continent. This prick managed to hide from everything so that the Valg Kings might never find her. However, there is a slight mix feeling about this entire situation, because number one say hello to female empowerment with Maeve being a super lit Valg Queen that overpowers three Valg Kings. Also secondly she technically wants to tell Erawan to go shit himself and fuck off. But still Maeve locked Aelin up so fml.

“We wait for the Queen of the Valg,” the spider purred, rubbing against the carving, who in this world calls herself Maeve.”


“So that you might face it, defeat it. So you might go where you feared most to tread, and decide whether, at last, you were ready to fight back.”

When Nesryn and Sartaq were trapped in the stygian spiders’ lair and then learned all this crap, I was in shock. Literally. I wanted to yell out “what the fuck” but my mom had guests so unfortunately I couldn’t. Also swearing not encouraged for a “quiet and kind and polite girl” like me. Duvas revelation too, freaked me out. Not by a lot, but it helps fit a lot of the pieces that goes on in the story together. While not a revelation to the reader, can we take some time to appreciate the god damn ending?

“Turns out,” Hasar mused, “there are quite a few people who think highly of her. And who believe in what she’s selling.”
“Which is what?” Yrene whispered.
Hasar smiled to herself. “A better world.”

When Chaol realised that despite the tough times he has been through, despite the hatred he seemed to have received, in some way, Celaena and Aelin were always watching over him, and that despite those rough times, because of the Queen who destroys and creates, a Queen who hopes for a better world, who keeps everything to herself because of her loyalty, would be the one to tie Chaol’s thread of fate to Yrene.

He had been so afraid-so afraid of magic, of loss, of everything. He had clung so hard, had fought against it, and it had cost him everything.

I also wanted to address the fandom/non-fandom people being so sensitive about Chaol being in a wheelchair. I think its great that we include people of different situations into books. This kind of equality is really rarely seen in books, and not only do I enjoy challenging myself to imagine what a character in a wheelchair would be like, I also learn to understand those who are in a wheelchair more and think about my own past events as well. In Chaol’s situation, I just want to say that him being in a wheelchair just helped him realize so much about himself, and if it wasn’t for that, then his fate and destiny right now would never have happened. I myself have been in a wheelchair for a month because of a knee infection. I understand the feeling that Chaol goes through. I feel lonely and pathetic when I couldn’t participate in activities other could, couldn’t join other people for lunch and had to wait for it to be fetched from the cafeteria. I think the representation of Chaol being in a wheelchair in this book further assists Chaol’s emotional healing of accepting himself.

But he remained before him, still smiling faintly. Waiting.
This was not the end.
He had one promise left.

Really, if Tower of Dawn isn’t a book filled with emotional healings and acceptance, then it would never be Tower of Dawn.

It was hope that stood beside him. Hidden and protected these years in this city, and in the years before it, spirited across the earth by the gods themselves, concealed from the forces poised to destroy her.

A gift from a queen who had seen another woman in hell and thought to reach back a hand.
Every moment of despair and rage and pain.
It had led him to precisely where he needed to be.
Where he wanted to be.

Tower of Dawn is a book filled with emotional healing and the learning of accepting one’s self, to accept the darkness and the shadow of one’s self and to live alongside it. The opposite of the chaos in Empire of Storms, Tower of Dawn the calm before the final storm, the eve of the war. But despite war looming ahead, Tower of Dawn the fire that lights up the paths of future, and is a beacon in the form of hope.